Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mad Max in Barcelona

Last night was my last night in Barcelona, so I did the traditional thing to do on one's last night in Barcelona.

I watched Mad Max I and Mad Max II. (Thanks for loaning me the DVDs, Kirsten)

The first one was pretty weak as a story. Just a lot of violence and erm... violence. And as John Truby says, revenge is never a good desire line.

But the second one, subtitled The Road Warrior, was spot on. Not only did it hit the seven beats I'm always talking about but it also uses the four classic archetypes I've been telling kids about for the past few years.

The Hero: Mad Max
The Faithful Sidekick: His Dog
The Funny One: The Giro Captain
The Wild One: The Feral Kid

There is no mentor, though you could say Mad Max is the Feral Kid´s mentor and the talisman is the music box mechanism...

Now some people have suggested I based Lupus on the Feral Kid in Mad Max II. It´s reasonable to suggest it, but last night was the first time I've seen either of them!

One of the kids at a school here in Spain mentioned Tarzan when I was discussing the four basic archetypes. Brilliant!

The Hero: Tarzan
The Faithful Sidekick: Jane
The Funny One/Wild One: Cheetah (the chimp)

It even works with Sex and the City!

The Hero: Carrie
The Faithful Sidekick: Charlotte
The Funny One: Miranda
The Wild One: Samantha

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