Saturday, December 04, 2004

"Research" in Athens

The Fugitive from Corinth
I'm just finishing the first draft of book 10, The Fugitive from Corinth. This book will be more of a traditional mystery story in which the four friends track a desperate fugitive from Corinth to Delphi and finally to Athens. As the final draft is due in two months I don't have very much time to do my usual "research". So my husband Richard and I have decided to go to Athens for Christmas!

This is quite a gamble as the weather could be cold, even snowy. Or we could have what they used to call the 'Halcyon Days', sunny warm days right in the middle of winter. Whatever the weather, I know I'll get some good ideas and details for The Fugitive from Corinth, out October 2005.

Watch future pages of this blog for notes on Athens, Corinth and Delphi!

[The 17+ books in the Roman Mysteries series, including The Fugitive from Corinth, are perfect for children aged 9+, especially those studying Romans and/or Greeks as a topic in Key Stages 2 & 3. There are DVDs of some of the books as well as an interactive game.]

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