Tuesday, March 08, 2005

California here we come!

Hmmmn. The life of a writer is pretty dull. Outside that is.

Lots of exciting stuff is happening early every morning between me and my keyboard. I haven't enjoyed writing a book so much since I was working on The Pirates of Pompeii. And coincidentally this book (The Sirens of Surrentum) is also set at the Villa Limona and has one of my fave characters: Felix!

We are off to California tomorrow for two weeks holiday with my family. Of course I will take my laptop and continue to disappear to Sorrento for a few hours every morning.

One of my fans (you know who you are) has requested an... erm... baby picture... so here is a very exciting photo of me and my little sister Jennifer and my brother Dan! We were a bit younger then.

I just realised that I have always been a bit bossy like Flavia and that Dan is easy-going and likeable like Jonathan and my sister is cute and good with plants and animals just like Nubia.

So where did Lupus come from?

Answer: we all have a little Lupus inside us!

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