Sunday, July 14, 2013

Golden Sponge-stick Winners 2012

the coveted trophy
(guest post by Jeremy Pine)


This year’s competition attracted 200 entries nationally and internationally. Again there was a very wide range of schools and colleges competing. Many thanks to regular participants who keep the life blood of the contest pumping. Popular storylines continue to feature slavery, the Roman army, gladiators and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Yet each year it is a revelation to witness how these well trodden paths are imaginatively retraced. Other innovations such as murder plots involving the emperor and Ovid’s love poetry showed meticulous historical research and heightened drama.  Fresh literary blood has also raised the energy, humour and creativity of the sponge stick enterprise and it is this youthful enthusiasm which is its golden heartbeat.

Prizes:  The allocation reflects the very popular 11-13 age category.

Under age 9 category winner :

Aya Kodmani, Pembridge Hall School for Girls

11-13 age category:

Winner: Lucy Johnson, St John’s School, Cambridge

2nd: Sophie Littlewood, St John’s School, Cambridge

3rd: Megan King, Stockport Grammar School

Commended: Jacob Freda, Bristol Grammar School

14 and above age category:

Winner: Ruby Osman, Sancton Wood School, Cambridge

2nd: Mia Forbes,  Nonsuch High School, Cheam

3rd: Adam Stanley, Cheadle Hulme School

Best International entry:
Marina Macklin, Highland School, Virginia, USA

Prizes for schools :

St John’s School, Cambridge (winner of Golden Sponge Stick school award)

Commended :  George Abbot School, Guildford, Norwich High School for Girls  

Special thanks :

To all the participating schools and pupils (whether you won on this occasion or not), Burgess Hill School for Girls, Barbara Johns (Head of Classics), Caroline Lawrence, Lorna Robinson and the iris project, Friends of Classics, Association for Latin Teachers, The Classics Library, JACT, Oxford University Classics Outreach, Cambridge University School Classics Project, Classical Association (for funding the prizes). Much love and thanks to my family, Carol (my mother) and my brothers, Neil and Robert for their continual encouragement.

Finally, one of this year’s winners, Jacob, wrote a story called ‘pater.’ I dedicate the youthful spirit and vision of this competition to my own ‘pater’, Malcolm, whose love of learning and the Classics inspired me and also to the teaching gifts of my sister, Lisa.

Caroline says: And I would like to thank Jeremy Pine for all the time and love he put into setting up and judging this competition. I will post some of the winning entries here over the next few weeks. Watch this space. To see some winning entries from this year – and from previous years – go HERE

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