Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fan Fiction

I don't usually read FAN FICTION, but I just got a load of stories from Class 3 at Collingbourne C.E. Primary School.

The titles are fun and I detect a theme. Their teacher, Miss Dainty, obviously suggested they use the word 'Celts' in the title, and that they set their stories in Roman Britain.

The Attack of the Celts by Sam
The Celts Revenge by James
The Stolen Ring by Jaydear
The Curse of the Coins by Rebecca H.
The Curse of the Celtic Snake by Eleana
The Celt's Revenge by Luke P
The Curse of the Gladiator by Maddie
The Stolen Ring by Callum
The Celt's Revenge by Andrew
The Curse of the Gladiators by Anna
The Stolen Ring by Amber
The Curse of the Celts by Kelsey
The Legendary Sword by Harry
The Celts Revenge by Samuel
The Curse of the Legendary Sword by Daniel
The Curse of the Celtic Snake by Callam
The Stolen Ring by Alex
The Curse of the Roman Coin by Wesley

All the stories involve Flavia and Jonathan, and all are full of excitement and danger. Some stories even have the brilliant word 'unhypnotized'. But I felt one story had to be reproduced in full. Molly E. has got my formula down pat!

The Curse of the Celts by Molly E.

One morning Jonathan went to Flavia's house.
Flavia's dad was going out.
But she asked if she was allowed to go to England.
But he said no.
But she still did it.
Her dad went to Italy to fight the Romans.
She got his boat and sailed off to England.
Jonathan and Flavia were at England.
At first she went for a walk around.
Then she went to the shops.
Then she went to the castles.
Then she went for a walk in the forest.
Just then she got kidnapped.
Jonathan was looking for Flavia.
He found Flavia with the Celts.
Jonathan went to get the Romans.
The Romans arrived.
At England they fought the Celts.
The Romans won and Flavia was saved!
Jonathan kissed Flavia on the cheek.
Flavia went home with Jonathan.
Then they had some tea.

I love the very British ending, but my favourite part is the line: 'But she still did it.' That is SO Flavia.