Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Amora & the Jewelry Mystery"

Golden Sponge Stick 2010
Short Story Competition Results
Emmanuelle from North London Collegiate won second prize in the under 9 category
I've chosen to post an excerpt from the end which includes a sponge-stick!

An excerpt from "Amora & the Jewelry Mystery"

Ivorus was a wonderful quick horse. He understood humans when they spoke. He was pure snow white with black patterns on him. He had a silky, black groomed mane that hardly ever got tangled. Everyone thought he was extraordinary...

They all clung to steady Ivorus. Ivorus got nearer to the sound. It got louder and louder. Everyone looked in front of them. There was the most hilarious sight. They had found the person they had been arguing with. There was no time to joke, they said to each other. Amora looked in the person's bag. There was the ring and necklace, as well as a slimy brown sponge stick. Then the person realized that they knew he was the thief and he apologized.

There was a celebration and everyone was happy. Amora was so proud of her beloved Ivorus. As for the sponge stick, a dog came and licked it clean. How disgusting! Then it was not used again. Thank goodness!

Emmanuelle Gelain-Sohn (8)

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