Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Les Quinze Nits

This page from my blog got lost in cyberspace so I am reposting it

Nice dinner last night in my fave Barcelona Square, the Placa Reial. I like it cuz it has palm trees and bats. Jessica and her family took me to a restaurant called Les Quinze Nits (The Fifteen Nights). It was great, even though we had to stand in line and it started spitting with rain. That didn´t bother us (or the bats). We were given a choice of sitting inside but waiting an hour or sitting outside, under the portico and eating straightaway. We chose portico straightaway and it with one of those outdoor heaters it wasn´t too bad. The food was great. Italian style and I had my first chicken in about ten days. An Italian friend of Jessica´s family joined us. Luca is a big film buff so we had fun discussing fave films.

Now I´m having a lunch break at St Pauls School, Barcelona. A lot harder than ASB yesterday because none of the kids here have English as their first language and also because they are Spanish. The Spanish do not sit still like well-behaved English kids: they fidget, whisper, slouch in their seats. But I´ve been told they´ve enjoyed my presentations so far.

Great lunch, though I didn´t partake of the big jug of red wine punch available for teachers and staff! Tonight I must see some Gaudi. Still have not seen much...


Today was exhausting but I guess it went well. The teacher who arranged my visit was thrilled and I´ve already had some emails from the kids. The Spanish students are so warm. They crowded round me and followed me like a little flock of sheep.

I fell asleep in the taxi back to the apartment and woke up in time to tell the driver to stop. Lugged all my stuff up the three flights of narrow stairs, lay on the bed but couldn´t sleep: Barcelona was out there waiting for me to explore it! So I went walking and got a tasty felafel. Too tired to see Gaudi and I want to go when the sun is out. So I went to the IMAX (my first experience of this) and saw a film about some people going down the Blue Nile, (for Nubia research purposes). It left me a bit queasy. The weather was overcast when I went in at 6.00 but the clouds were breaking up when I came out at 7.30. I arrived back at La Boqueria, the famous fruit and vegetable market, just in time to get some fresh watermelon, pineapple and mandarins for breakfast tomorrow. Very expensive: over 10 euros! But it the fruit is so fresh and tasty here...

Then I tried to buy socks because the ones I washed by hand in the sink are still damp. But can you find a sock anywhere in Barcelona? Only tiny little candy-striped socks or ones that say I *heart* PORN. So I guess I have to wear damp socks. Is this blog getting boring? I think so. Better sign off!

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  1. Can you believe that this place still has loads of queues outside over 7 years later! That can only mean it's still as good as ever.

    I also made an article about this restaurant which you can view by clicking on my username.