Wednesday, February 04, 2009

You know you're a RM fan when...

One of my top fans in America, who is also named Caroline Lawrence (hey! It's a good name!) has all my books in British English and all my books in American English. Not only is Caroline beautiful, but she is also very clever (like all RM fans) and she has recently won some prestigious spelling bees. Her favourite character is Nubia and she admits she is 'in the queue for Aristo'. Now Caroline has come up with this fun list of how to tell when you're a REAL Roman Mysteries fan. How do you score?

'You know you're a Roman Mysteries fan when...'

~ You want to be friends with every asthmatic person you know.
~ You have read British AND American copies of the same books.
~ You give little nicknames to the books (i.e. Dolphins for The Dolphins of Laurentum)
~ You coordinate your outfits with Roman Mystery book covers.
~ Most of your mottoes are either in Latin or quotes from the series.
~ You got the list of character birthdays from Caroline Lawrence's website and you celebrate them.
~ You have a little fit whenever someone says a word that has Latin or Greek roots
~ Or whenever you see the 'Mute' button on the TV remote.
~ You refer to yourself as "the fifth friend".
~ You accidentally call friends and family by Roman Mystery character names.
~ You went into mourning after reading The Slave-girl from Jerusalem.
~ You can quote whole scenes from the books, complete with expressions.
~ When falling asleep at night, instead of counting sheep, you count women who are in love with Aristo.
~ You use rhetor's gestures to communicate with friends in class.
(Bonus points if you use them so much your friends think you made them up.)

Thanks, Caroline. You are definitely a Top Fan!


  1. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Hay, i am a huge fan of these books.
    Every time i know a new book is coming out i write the date in my diary and beg my mum to get it for me! I read this post and i can't believe how most of these relate to me too.
    I cannot wait until the last book is out! I am so excited for how it ends!
    I hope you go on to write more books like these, as i feel there will be a hole in my life once i have finished them.

    From your Biggest English Fan!!
    Abi x

  2. Salve, Abi!
    I'm glad you like my books. After this series ends, I'm going to write three spin-off books called The Flavian Trilogy. I think you'll like them!

  3. Adam winn3:52 PM

    Hey Caroline,
    The Roman Mysteries are fantastic books and each one never fails to impress me and being 17 years of age I probably sound too old to read them and I'm reading The Prophet From Ephesus and I must say yet again you've done a fantastic job and I'm eagerly anticipated with the release of The Man From Pomegranate Street in June and now that this is the last official mystery of this series i just have to ask one question about the Flavian trilogy when it comes out are the four characters still Flavia,Johnathan,Nubia and Lupus? because I think that when the last book is released and read many people will want more from Flavia Gemina and her friends so Caroline as someone who is desperate to know

    Is The Man From Pomegranate Street the last we will ever see of the four heroes and will you ever be popping to York for a talk and book signings? because i really would like my books to be officially signed

    Your biggest fan

  4. Salve, Adam!

    So glad you are still reading them. You aren't too old! I'm not sure when I'll next be in York... Check my Events Page regularly.

    I plan to write a spin-off trilogy set 14 years after the last book in the Roman Mysteries Series. It's going to be called The Flavian Trilogy. Check out my FAQS page for more info.


  5. P.S. to Adam: I'm not sure whether the four friends will appear in the Flavian Trilogy. It might be strange because they would be in their mid-20's and married and stuff... But some of the other characters from the series will appear and there will probably be references to Flavia, Jonathan, Nubia and Lupus... We shall see!

  6. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Hey I jst had an idea! (Im kinda proud of myself) The people in the Flavian Trilogy could be some long lost relitives or something like that that are related to the four friends (obviously) and they all meet up some how.

    P.S absolutly love the books you've done a fantastic job.

  7. Funny... that's just what I was thinking! ;-)

  8. scaru1:22 AM

    OMG the man from pomegranatestreet is the last 1!!!!!!!!NO!You need to write the flavian trilology sooner i can not wait another 14 years i pre-order all of the books from england(i live in us)first class shipping i can not wait thatlong!

  9. I scored pretty high. The Roman Mysteries Series were the books that turned me into a book worm. Before then i used to see reading as a chore but now because of these beautiful treasures i eat books by the dozen. :D I'm 16 and your books are still my favourite.

    When my friends mention something Greek or Roman I freak. I literally have an obsession now with ancient Greece and Rome now.

    Thankyou so much for affecting me in so many ways. :D

    It's a pity the Flavian Trilogy won't be released. I was really looking forward to that.