Sunday, May 09, 2010

Introducing Threptus

I am hoping to write a Roman Mysteries spin-off series starring a beggar boy called Threptus. He appears in The Man from Pomegranate Street and a short story called "Threptus and the Sacred Chickens" from my final volume of mini-mysteries: The Legionary from Londinium. Here is an a brilliant imagining of Threptus by Minimus illustrator Helen Forte. If you want to help me think of a series title, please vote in the poll on the left!


Threptus is an eight-year-old Ostian beggar-boy who idolizes Lupus. After the death of the emperor Titus in AD 81, Lupus and his friends Flavia, Jonathan and Nubia have to leave Ostia in a hurry! Before they go, Lupus gives starstruck Threptus his wax tablet and stylus. On the tablet, Lupus has written: CARRY ON MY GOOD WORK. Proud Threptus is determined to become a detective, like his hero, and make the port of Rome a better place to live. He leaves his life of begging to become apprentice to a soothsayer named Floridius. But how can an ordinary eight-year-old beggar-boy make a difference? By using his wits to solve mysteries and overcome baddies, of course! The Roman Mysteries were for children aged 8 and up. These books will be suitable for children even younger, but existing fans will love them, too!



  1. Not sure about tv spinoffs, but my kids (age 6-11) would love for the entire series of Roman Mysteries to be available on audio CD. At the moment it seems that only a few are available and we're having to make huge jumps in the storyline between CDs.


  2. I wish they'd do them all on audio CD, too!

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    How about the Ostian Mysteries, the New Roman Mysteries or the Adventures of Threptus.